Stress urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine with activities that increase the pressure inside the abdomen. The mechanism of urinary continence is reliant on several factors…Read More →

Niggling injuries can significantly affect your training and performance. Getting injuries addressed in a timely manner can improve your outcomes and allow you to get back to training and running quicker.Read More →

Leaking urine when your pregnant? Is this considered normal too? No, it’s absolutely not. Leaking, as opposed to ‘going all the time’ usually indicates that something is going on with your pelvic floor. Read More →

A mother brought her four year old daughter “Jane” in to the Clinic because she expected that Jane should be ‘dry’ at night. She wanted to know whether she should buy a night time ‘pee alarm’ to put in to her daughters undies or try a TENS machine to help settle Detrusor muscle overactivityRead More →