We are excited to announce that our new kids pilates classes are starting on 10th feb! You will find more information about the classes here!Read More →

We have some exciting news at the clinic, we will be starting 3 childrens pilates classes in Feb with Chloe our paediatric physiotherapist. Details will be on here very soon.Read More →

“Light Bladder leakage (LBL)” Aka “Urinary Incontinence. There are different types of “LBL” Some women leak from increased load put on the bladder such as during a cough or sneeze, running or jumping, and some women leak with a strong urge to go to the toilet, some women have both problems. The underlying cause of urinary incontinence varies from women to women, it is not as simple as assuming everyone with urinary incontinence has a weak pelvic floor….Read More →