Chardae Jorgensen


My Story: I grew up in Beverly Hills (not 90210), with a short stint in Brisbane. I moved to the inner west as soon as I could where I have lived, worked and studied. When I am not on the desk at The Physio Clinic I am teaching my nieces terrible habits (much to the disappointment of my sisters!), running around the wilderness at the Central Coast and I also like to paint.


I have worked at a variety of places so far from running a ceramic studio, to activities facilitator at both an aged care facility and also at an out of school hours care facility. I’ve even had a Uni detour in the middle studying Government and International Studies. I now find myself at The Physio Clinic which I am loving. I admire the way everyone at the Clinic practices, prioritizing health and non-invasive/early intervention. It is very inspiring to be around and even everyone who comes into the clinic has a great energy.

The team are so passionate about health in fact that I think it is helping me jump back on that Health Horse. I used to enjoy a beverage or two with my mates whilst watching a band and having a dance but those days are gone! Living a healthier life has become a priority these days.

A Fun Fact: I was a Polynesian dancer for Tahitian Dance Company!