Chloe Priest – Currently on Maternity Leave


I am currently on Maternity Leave. 

My story:

I was born in Adelaide and then lived in northern Western Australia until I was 10, before moving to Perth.  I grew up, finished school and University in Perth; so I am a Perth girl at heart.

When I was in year 8 at school I had persistent headaches.  I went to lots of doctors and had lots of tests, none of which helped.  I then as a ‘last resort’ went to see a Physiotherapist which was a success!  From that point on, I wanted to be a Physiotherapist.  During University I taught children how to swim and that is where I first decided I wanted to be a children’s Physiotherapist.  I did a paediatric placement for university in Kalgoorlie with an amazing Paediatric Physiotherapist with over 30 years of experience, and this only further cemented my passion.

On the weekends (like a typical West Australian!), I love to get outdoors and cycle, walk or run.  I am a keen swimmer and have swum in the Rottnest Channel Swim twice.  I have also competed in Triathlons, both Sprint distance and Half Ironman.  I love competing and riding with others, there is something magical about an early morning ride!

What makes me different:

I have a huge interest in the adolescent body.  There is so much changing socially, physically and hormonally that life at this stage is so different.  I love to help them understand what is going on in their body and why there are so many changes and new injuries.

I don’t just treat the injury, I look at the whole person in context of where they are in their life and what their goals are.  I work with them to achieve whatever it is that they want.  My long term career goal is to work with teachers at schools to help prevent injuries across both class time and sport.

What I have Learnt:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy. University of Notre Dame, 2007
  • Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy, La Trobe University 2015
  • Masters in Sports Physiotherapy,  La Trobe University 2017


  • Treatment of the Pelvis & Lumbar Spine – Level 1
  • GEMt Trigger Point Dry Needling Applications for Pain Management and Sports Injuries.
  • DMA Clinical Pilates Level 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Lyn Watson Level 3 Shoulder Course.
  • APA Sports Level 1 
  • APA Sports Level 2
  • APA Spinal Level 1 Course
  • Sports Thorax – Dr LJ Lee
  • Hip Symposium in Melbourne
  • APA Sports Level 3 at AIS in Canberra


  • Neuro Sensory Motor Development Assessment Training Course
  • Congenital Talipes Equinovarus, Ponseti Method Training Course
  • DOHAD Seminar on paediatric nutritional health
  • Balance: The challenge of Gravity with Robert Shepherd


  • International Children’s Continence Foundation Conference 2015

A Fun Fact:

I played the bagpipes for school for over 7 years, competing in international pipe band competitions.  It was ‘the thing to do’; we were the only all girls pipe band in the southern hemisphere.

Plus, I love a sneaky Rollerblade in summer!