Continuing Education for Physio’s and Exercise Professionals


The Why : As health professionals we all want to make our patients better. To make a difference in their lives. This, in the end, is why we do what we do.

Of course, the more you know, generally the better you do. As the old saying goes, ‘if you knew better, you’d do better’.

So of course, if we weren’t quite sure about something we researched and practiced, researched and practiced. Always trying to know more, so that we could do better.

And we hope that by teaching you what we now know and what we now do, we can help you and your patients do better too.

We have a 12month Women’s Health mentor program and we have a 1 full day course on Diastasis and the abdominal wall. Read more about each below.

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7th Nov 2020 – Bondi Junction

Diastasis of the rectus abdominus has hit the spotlight in recent years. There has been an explosion of research. There has also been an explosion of people trying to treat it, not only in clinics, but in gyms, in Pilates studios and even on social media.

We created this course because we too wanted to learn all there is to know, so that we can provide the best level of care to our patients.

Here are the key points of what you will learn:

  • A summary of the latest research surrounding diastasis in women.
  • Detailed abdominal wall and linea alba anatomy review, including fascial connections.
  • How to asses a diastasis and how to assess abdominal wall function using both finger palpation and real time ultrasound.
  • How to create an exercise program to treat not just diastasis but abdominal wall dysfunction, using your own clinical reasoning.
  • How to know when exercise won’t help and a surgical review is required.
  • Our thoughts on how you may be able to prevent a diastasis in the first place.

Details: Time: 8am-5pm

Saturday 7th Nov 2020 – 904/3 Waverley Street Bondi Junction 2022

Cost: $450 including GST. Course cost includes course notes, morning tea and tea and coffee throughout the day. 

We have a course coming out in September 20202 exclusively for exercise professionals!

We will be running a course for exercise professionals coming out in September. If you would like to be the first to know more about this, how to register etc you can subscribe to our mailing list. Where you will be give updates about the course (and no we will not bombard you with bucket loads of emails! We hate that, everyone does!)


We love what we do! We love Physiotherapy! We especially love integrating our musculoskeletal knowledge and skills with our Women’s health knowledge and skills, ultimately for the benefit of women!
Luckily for women, Women’s health as a sub specialty of physiotherapy is becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, for physiotherapists wanting to establish a career in Women’s health physiotherapy there is not yet a clear, well established pathway.
At The Physiotherapy Clinic (TPC) we have a very structured clinical education program to ensure our team gain the knowledge and skills needed to reach their potential and progress their career. Whilst we would love to employ everyone that is obviously not possible.

This is why we have created the Mentor Program.


Joelene Murdoch, Physiotherapist and Director of TPC has been running small version of the program for a few years now, but with the help of our great team is able to expand opportunities and create more space for keen Physiotherapists to join. A few team members from TPC have now joined Jo in rolling out this program. The mentor team members are Jo, Tamara Woods and Victoria Watson. You can click on their pictures below to read their full bios.
There will be a lot of thought put into which mentee goes with which mentor. This will be at the discretion of The Physiotherapy Clinic. We will take into account logistics and matching times that suite both mentee and mentor. In addition, learning styles and level of experience will be catered for. The mentor team have been working together for a long time and thus understand each other’s learning and teaching styles well.


We will need to know a bit about you and no doubt you will want to know a bit more about us. Therefore, first things first we will do an introductory phone call with one of the mentors to discuss what it is that you are looking for, what you are interested in learning and gauge what level you are currently at. Then the mentor and mentee can decide on a program they both think will meet the mentees needs and be the best fit for them. 

Your mentor sessions include monthly face to face, 90 minute sessions with your mentor. You will have email access to your mentor, a time will be negotiated between mentee and mentor with regards to answering your questions.

You can start these at any time throughout the year pending space in our mentors diaries. 

If coming to Bondi Junction or Cammeray will be tricky for you, send us an email as we do have a few mentees that are regional and even one international group.

There are a couple of options to choose from: 

Option 1 –  12 months – This is best for you if you have only perhaps done an intro course and are only seeing a few women’s health patients. This program you can join with a friend or colleague to make it more cost effective. 

There will be 4 modules that you will work through across the 12 months. The modules will vary depending on your current level of experience and what you would like to achieve by the end of the program.

You will also be invited to our teams quarterly Women’s health in-services run at our clinic.

COST: 1 person = $2500 +GST   2 people = $3600+GST (Payments can be done in installments)

Option 2 – 9 months – This is best for you if you have done maybe one or two women’s health training and seeing a fair few patients already. You can also join with a friend or colleague to make it more cos effective. 

You will also be invited to our teams quarterly Women’s health in-services run at our clinic.

COST: 1 person = $2250 +GST   2 people = $3150+GST (Payments can be done in installments)

Option 3 – 6 months – This is best for you if you have done a number of women’s health courses are seeing plenty of women’s health patients and want to dig a bit deeper into certain topics. This option is only available one on one. 

COST: $1800 +GST  

Option 4 – 2 hour Casual Sessions – This is best for you if you are a women’s health physio and just want to again dig a bit deeper on perhaps just one or two topics as things crop up. These are only available one on one. 

COST: $400+GST  

On Going Support options once your Mentoring is over.

Join The Crew. We’ve found some of our mentee’s, particularly those working on their own are looking for continued clinical support once the mentor program has been completed. We’d love to have you stay as part of the broader clinical team at The Physiotherapy Clinic – we all learn more when we are part of a team.

If this is something that interests you here are your options.

Annual “ Membership” $400. This includes access to out quarterly women’s health inservices, access to your mentor for complex clinical cases or clinical questions.

Ongoing Quarterly Face to Face Mentoring – continue 1.5 hour sessions with your mentor quarterly. This will include the 1:1 session, access to our womens health inservice program, access to your mentor for cases studies in between time. $1,320 + GST

If you have any questions or would like to know more before you enroll send us an email.