These are questions we get asked all the time when patients are booking in to see us. Hopefully these help answer your questions, if you have any others or want to clarify something we would love to chat to you. 

What are your fees?
Initial consultation – $170, Subsequent consultations – $150.

Both consultations are 45 minutes in length, and yes the physio spends the whole time with you!

Pilates classes are $35 we do them in blocks of 5 weeks for $175.
Do I need a referral?
No you don’t – Just come and tell us your story!

If you do have a referral of course we would love to read it. We love and respect all of our refers so we want to know what they have to say about your body too!
What do I bring to my appointment?
Yourself and your private health fund card if you have one.

If you have had recent, relevant scans bring them along. Pending where your injury/issue is the physio may want you in shorts, you can BYO or we have some you can borrow. If it is a neck or shoulder issue then ladies a singlet is best. Either way we can work around whatever you arrive in.
How much does my private health cover?
We would love answer this question, however we can not. You need to check this with your health fund, everyone’s is different. If you want to ring them and check what your rebate would be the codes we use are: Initial physiotherapy consultation code is 500 and the subsequent physiotherapy consultation code is 505. General pilates class the code is 561, pregnancy pilates class code is 595 and post natal class code is 596.
How many sessions will I need?
Ahhh.. if it was only that easy.. if everyone needed the same amount of physio for the same injuries/issues it would be easy! However everyBODY if different! Everyone’s story is different. Your physio will talk about a plan for treatment in your first session.
Why do I need a screening appointment before I start Pilates?
We want to know about your body and your story before we see you in a class. To claim your classes through your private health fund, you need to have had an assessment.
What is ConnectTherapy™?
At The Physiotherapy Clinic we are integrating  Dr Linda-Joy Lee’s ConnectTherapy™ model of treatment which assesses your body as a whole and not just individual body parts. We also aim to find the “driver” and the cause of your issue. Read more about it here.