Bladders, bowels and physio! What!?  Yes…. this is a large part of what we do. The bladder is a muscle after all!

Do you leak when you cough or sneeze, or even lift a weight at the gym?

Would you ever leave your grocery shopping at the check-out because you could not wait 5 more minutes to get to the toilet…. the urge to go was just too great?

Does the sound of running water or putting your key in the door make you feel like your bladder is about to burst?

These are all a sign that your bladder might not be working quite right.  Again WHY it isn’t working well is different for everybody!  It could be due to changes in hormone levels with age or even because of stiffness from the middle of your back!  That is why we will look at your whole body, listen to your whole story.  We want to know why it happened in the first place so that we can stop it from ever coming back!

What we can help with: 

– Over Active Bladder (aka OAB.  Often called urgency….as you will have an urgent need to run to the toilet.  It really is when your bladder has a mind of its own!)

– Stress Urinary incontinence (leaking urine with a cough/sneeze)

– Frequency (needing to go too often!)

– Nocturia (waking at night to go to the toilet; often more than once.)

– Difficulties emptying your bladder – needing to lean forward or back; needing to stand up or sit down; noticing that the flow is slower than it should be.

How we can help:

-By listening to your whole story and looking at your whole body to make sure we know exactly why it is happening- what started it in the first place.  If we think your hip is involved we will treat your hip, if we think your bowels are involved we will treat that… get the drift!

-Sometimes we get you to keep a bladder diary.  This helps us to understand in detail what is going on with your bladder; both day and night!

-We often give advice on things like how much to drink, how quickly to drink it, what’s best to drink (and what’s best avoided!).  Sometimes we give advice on bowel management if we think this is part of the problem.

-We teach you how to control your bladder better if part of your problem is that you get an URGENT need to go.  We make sure your bladder knows who’s boss (you!) by using urge suppression techniques (like going up and down on your toes for example).  This is called ‘Behaviour Retraining’.  It’s particularly useful to stop you from leaking with the urgency episode.

-If your urgent need to go is linked to a trigger such as putting your key in the door, or running water……we can stop this from happening.  How?  It’s called ‘Trigger Retraining’.  This basically uses the urge suppression techniques (see above) in a particular way to help stop the link between your trigger and your bladder!

-We will look at your pelvic floor.  Is it too weak?  Is it too tight?  What needs to be done to get it to work the best it possibly can to stop both Stress Urinary Incontinence (leaking urine with a cough/sneeze and Over Active Bladder (urgent need to go!).

-We sometimes give advice on how it is best for you to empty your bladder.  Of course this is different for everybody!