It is unbelievable the impact your bowel has on your body.  If it isn’t working well not only will you not feel right (bloated, cramps, tired!); but it may actually cause many other things like your bladder and even your pelvic floor to not work well either!  Again every person has a bowel problem for a different reason.  We will get to the bottom of why you have it so that we can stop if from ever coming back!

What we can help with:

– Straining at the toilet

– Feeling like you never completely empty at the toilet

– Accidentally passing wind

– Rushing to the toilet urgently

– Soiling your underwear

How we can help:

-By teaching you the best way to go to the toilet!  Yes, there is a right way (and a wrong one!).  For many people this and this alone can significantly help their bowel problems.

-We figure out what is going on inside of your pelvis.  We are particularly interested in where all of your organs are sitting (see Pelvic Organ Prolapse).  Often if they aren’t sitting quite where they should be (especially the rectum; where faeces is stored) then it can impact how well your bowels work.

-We look at your pelvic floor.  Sometimes bowel issues can stem from a pelvic floor problem!  Of course if this is the case then we will retrain your pelvic floor to do the right thing!

-We assess your anal sphincter (my what…!?).  Your anal sphincter; the circular ring of muscle that sits around your anus and allows you to control whether or not you want to pass wind/go to the toilet.  If it’s not working properly we can often retrain it as well.

-Sometimes we give advice about things like: what you should eat, how much you should drink and sometimes even recommend the use of Movicol or Osmolax….to keep things moving!