Pelvic Floor

The Pelvic Floor!  What an important muscle (or group of muscles) it is.  Taken so much for granted when working properly, and oh so annoying when not!

Pelvic floor troubles happen at all ages….in kids, in young ladies, in women after having babies, and most certainly with age.  For each person there is a different cause; a different reason WHY their pelvic floor problem exists.  It could be something like changes in hormones with age or the result of chronic constipation.  Or it could even be coming from your hip or your ribs (believe it or not!).

And this is why we do things differently here.  We will look at everything… your whole body, your whole story.  We will get to the bottom of why you have your pelvic floor problem so that we can stop it from ever coming back!

What we can help with:

– Help you find your pelvic floor!  Teach you how to perform a pelvic floor contraction.  You’d be surprised how many people don’t know!

– Help strengthen and shorten your pelvic floor if it is too weak/lengthened.  This can help prevent and/or support prolapse (See Pelvic Organ Prolapse).  This can also help reduce stress urinary incontinence (leaking urine with a cough and sneeze) and Over Active Bladder (when you feel an urgent need to go!).  (see Bladder and Bowel).

– Help you relax and lengthen your pelvic floor if it is too tight.  This can help a range of Pelvic Pain problems that are linked to the pelvic floor (see Pelvic Pain).

– Check your pelvic floor after having a baby. A detailed ‘6 Week Check’.