Oh how your body changes when you are pregnant!  But not every pregnant body is the same.  Your past injuries, what you do each day, how you’ve always sat, stood and moved changes how your body will cope with pregnancy.  So expect that we will be asking a lot about your life pre-pregnancy and once again expect that we will look at your whole body.

What we can help with:

– Pregnancy related Body pain (back pain, pelvic pain AKA sacroiliac joint/pubic symphysis…..pain anywhere really!)

– Prevention and management of abdominal separation (Diastisis Rectus Abdominus)

– Real time ultrasound assessment of deep core muscles including pelvic floor

– Treatment of pregnancy related carpel tunnel syndrome (tingling/numb/painful hands)

– Advice on best general exercise whilst pregnant

– Advice on when/if it is safe to run whilst pregnant

– Advice on pelvic floor exercise whilst pregnant

– Treatment of urinary incontinence (leaking urine with a cough/sneeze) whilst pregnant

– Management of pre-existing conditions whilst pregnant (prolapse, urgency, etc.)

– Perineal and pelvic floor releases: aims to loosen a tighter pelvic floor to increase chances of a natural delivery and reduce risk of tearing

– Education on the use of TENS for labour, including hire of TENS units

– Advice on a range of labour and delivery related questions based on current research

– Group pregnancy Pilates classes: small group classes led by a women’s health physiotherapist focusing on the deep core muscles, pelvic floor, flexibility and lower limb strength.