Incontinence in Pregnancy


Incontinence in Pregnancy – Written by Tamara Woods 

Ahhh pregnancy. Not always a happy time for your bladder. The baby is growing, your belly is growing and there becomes less and less space for your bladder to sit in. This often means it can’t expand as well, which then means you have to empty it more frequently!

This is normal of course, and will vary over the course of the pregnancy depending on both the babies position and your own.

But what about leaking urine when your pregnant? Is this considered normal too?

No, it’s absolutely not. Leaking, as opposed to ‘going all the time’ usually indicates that something is going on with your pelvic floor. What is going on? Well its hard to say and really requires a thorough assessment.

You see, it is likely that it is not ‘strong enough’. But there are different reasons for this lack of strength. One reason, oddly enough is that it is too tight! Imagine that. An important thing to find out though, since a baby is about to come down and out of there (and we believe that tight pelvic floors might not stretch as well!).

So, the take home message? If you are pregnant and leaking urine at any time – get your pelvic floor checked by a women’s health physiotherapist. The sooner, the better.

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