Adolescents 13-19 years

The teen years…….so much is changing! So much is changing socially, physically and of course hormonally. These hormones in particular have a huge impact on teen bodies and can often leave them prone to injury.

So….in order to treat these bodies well, we need to understand everything that is going on; understand everything that may impact their recovery. So expect to be answering lots and lots of questions when you first come in – some of these questions may seem a little ridiculous! But we need the answers; we need the answers so we can truly understand what’s causing the problem and figure out what we can do about it!

What we can help with:

Posture: Posture is so important. Babies most often have perfect posture, children as well…. but it’s something that as we grow older becomes harder somehow. Obviously there are many reasons for this… computers and homework is most certainly some of them (note: this is not an excuse not to do your homework though!). The annoying thing about it, is that you may not only feel the aches and pains that poor posture gives when you are a teen; but you may feel it when you are older! Here at The Physiotherapy Clinic we want you to be your best and feel your best. We know that stopping poor posture now will help your body for ever more; so expect that even if you did not come in purely for your posture that we will look at it anyway!

Sports Injuries: We treat anything and everything; from stress fractures, to ankle sprains, to knee pain, to knee cap dislocations. However big or small we can do something about it. What do we do? It depends on the injury…. sometimes it may need some hands on treatment (muscle releases, etc.), but nearly always some exercise…..AND, you will of course always be given a lot of advice, especially advice on when and how to return to your chosen sport.

Growth related injuries: Osgood Schlatters, Sinding Larssen Johansen, Iselms, Sever’s Disease, and lots of others.  All big names…..but are otherwise known as growth related injuries.  What can we do to help?  We work out the right balance of activity and rest, work on strength and flexibility, balance, and the right way to move. Sometimes taping might also be useful, so we show them how to do this too.

Patellofemoral pain (knee cap pain):  This is when you get pain around/ under your knee cap.  Not only will we help settle the pain down but we will figure out why it is there in the first place.  It’s quite unbelievable, but often your knee cap pain can actually be coming from a problem at your foot, hip or even ribs!  This is why we look at your whole body…because if we don’t fix the source of the problem then we can’t stop it from coming back.  Another factor that is often forgotten is hormones……Puberty has HUGE effects on the lower limbs and Chloe loves to put this into perspective and get them back to their sport.

Difficulties with gross motor skills/ Movement execution: Everyone wants to get taller and stronger; but funnily enough growing can affect the way we move.  Chloe will look at all sorts of movements; how they run, jump, walk, bend…. whatever it is they want to get better at and work with them to achieve their goals.