Babies 0-1yrs

What can we help with? Tons of course…. from Plagiocephaly (flat head) to torticollis (when the head is turned to one side) to babies who are having difficulty rolling, sitting and crawling.

Expect to be asked a lot of questions about your family history (if anyone has ever had this type of thing before), about the birth of your baby, and of course about your baby’s life up until now. We need to know everything in order to figure out why the problem is there in the first place and of course help your baby as best we can.

What we can help with:

Plagiocephaly (flat head). This is quite common and there is a lot we can do to help. We often give advice on ideal positions to put them in for sleep time, play time and of course the best way to carry them. If we think they have a tight neck that may be contributing, then we will treat that too. (you can read more about it here)

Torticollis (head is turned to one side and tilted). Often this is caused by a neck muscle that is tight.  Why is it tight?  It could be because your baby was cramped whilst inside your belly or it could have happened during the birth process. When the muscles are too tight they pull the neck and head so that is turned to one side. Unless these muscles lengthen, it is difficult for the baby to change their head position. So this is where we come in! We loosen the neck muscles using light stretches (which you learn to do at home!) and of course advice on how the baby should sleep, play and be held; all of which helps immensely. (you can read more here)

Delayed Developmental Milestones. This can be anything from difficulty with rolling, to having trouble sitting or even crawling. It is hard to know isn’t it…. when they should be doing what?! Every child is different and there is a big spectrum of what is considered normal. In saying that, if you are concerned then listen to your gut and get them checked out…. Chloe knows what to look out for and loves to help them get going!