Children 1-12yrs

It is often hard with toddlers, pre-schoolers and primary school aged children to know what is going on in their little bodies. They can’t always identify what’s troubling them…. which makes it next to impossible for the parents! If you have any concerns at all Chloe can help; she will help figure out what is going on, what needs to be done to help and knows when to get a medical opinion.

What we can help with:

Delayed developmental milestones / Problems with gross motor skills. You may have been given the diagnosis of Developmental Co-ordination Disorder…. or maybe not. You may just notice that your child falls over a lot or appears to not be able to run very well. Either way there is a lot that can be done to help. This normally consists of exercises but is done in the form of play and games to keep it fun and interesting! (you can read more here)

-Hypermobility. This means their joints are more bendy; more flexible than the norm. You see, our bodies are made up of bones that connect together to form joints. These joints are held together by both ligaments (thick connective tissue) and muscles. If the ligaments are more stretchy than usual, then the joints find it hard to stay in the right position. What can we do to help? Boost up the muscles of course (the other thing that holds the joints together)!  Again this is done through play, through games…. with fun!

Toe walking. Do you notice your little one tends to walk on their toes?  To be honest, this is usually due to many number of things rather than one thing alone.  In fact, in the research world they still do not fully understand why this happens.  More often than not though these children do tend to have tightness in their lower limbs, and anecdotally Physiotherapy appears to help.  At your appointment, Chloe will look at your child’s whole body; how much movement they have at each joint, how well their muscles are working; even just how well they control their body in general.  Based off all of this she will give exercises to work on the area’s that can be improved.

In-toeing. Do your child’s toes point inwards?  There are many reasons why this can happen (simply the way they were built, the way they use their muscles to help them move, etc.) and it’s a good idea to get it looked at, as it can be helped!  We will look at their whole body to make sure we know why it is happening.  What do we do to help?   We help build their muscles in order to help the body move better. Sometimes it will be to build strength, sometimes coordination and sometimes even balance.  We will then give them exercises to do at home to help too, and of course they will be fun (so that they will actually do them!).

Body aches and pains. It is hard when kids tell you something hurts…. especially when there was no particular injury at the time.  Chloe can help figure out where the pain is and help understand why it’s there and what to do about it.