Kids Continence

Yes, we can help!  Most people know that Physio’s can help adults regain their continence……but many don’t know that we can help kids with continence issues as well!  These issues can be either in the day time, at night time or both.

Did you know that most children achieve “dry” days around the age of 3 years… but some don’t, and will go on to be wet in the day for many years after that?  Or that any child who still wets the bed after the age of 5 years is considered a “bed wetter”?

Here at The Physiotherapy Clinic we work closely with Paediatric urologists and GP’s to achieve the best possible results.

How we can help

We do a thorough assessment to understand the exact cause of the wetting!  Only then can we make sure that we get rid of the problem for good.

There are many things we do to help us figure this out.  Things like using our real time ultrasound to look at the bladder or measuring bladder volumes or even get you to fill out bladder diaries (which you do at home).  Sometimes it is necessary to ultrasound the rectum as well to see if there is any constipation, as this can hugely impact the way the bladder works.  And last but not least, we will again use the ultrasound to look at pelvic floor function (assessed by looking at their bladder and how well it moves; not by looking at the pelvic floor itself).

Based on the results of some or all of these things, we will set up a home program.  This home program will often involve pelvic floor retraining, drinking and toiling plans, and of course managing any constipation.

Above all, we try our best to make this a fun process for your child.  We know getting them on board is the best way to get results, and fast.