We love sport here at The Physiotherapy Clinic AND we love treating people who love sport.  It doesn’t matter what sport it is…. hockey, netball, football, swimming, running…. even ping pong!  You name it, we can help you with it.  What can we help with exactly?  Many things!  From acute injuries (figuring out what you have done and how to help), to reducing pain (so that you can keep on playing!). or it may just be that you struggle with a certain move, kick or throw and you want to know how you can do it better (see Performance Enhancement).

No matter where your problem is we will look at your whole body and listen to your whole story.  Did you know that the ankle sprains you did when you were a teen could be causing your hip pain now (which is now stopping you form running?!) ……. or that your tight hip could be making it harder for you to get a good swing at golf? 

Everything is connected after all and we believe that unless we look at your whole body and listen to your whole story, then we couldn’t possibly fully understand the problem and stop it from ever coming back.  

RunnersPerformance Enhancement

Here is a list of the more common things we can help with:

– Stress fractures

– Tendinopathies: an overload problem at a tendon (a tendon is the end of a muscle… where it inserts into a bone).  Eg: Achilles tendinopathy

– Ankle sprains (ligament strain/tear)

– Patellofemoral (knee cap) pain, dislocations/subluxations

– Meniscal injuries (the meniscus is the shock absorbing pad in the knee).

– ACL/PCL ruptures (Anterior Cruciate Ligament/ Posterior Cruciate ligament) and rehab post arthroscopy if performed

– MCL/LCL sprains/tears (Medial Collateral ligament/ Lateral Collateral Ligament)

– Hip pain, stiffness, labral issues, FAI (Femeroacetabular Impingement) and rehab post arthroscopy if performed.

– Pelvic Girdle Pain (SIJ/Pubic Symphysis), Lower back pain (lumbar spine), Upper back pain (thoracic spine and ribs), neck pain (cervical spine)

– Shoulder problems: Rotator Cuff Impingement, Rotator cuff tears, labral issues, dislocations.

– Elbow pain (tennis elbow/golfers elbow)

– Muscle tears and strains (e.g.: quads, hamstrings, calf, etc.)

How we can help:

– Muscle releases.  This loosens the muscle, making it longer.  Sometimes tight muscles can cause pain but not only that, tight muscles can also pull your body in different directions…. directions that we don’t necessarily want it to gointo!  What happens then?  Then other joints will be in the wrong place, the wrong alignment…..and then other muscles will get tight and start to hurt.  So by loosening and lengthening the muscle not only can we help reduce pain but we can help align your body as well.

– Dry Needling.  This is like acupuncture but just for muscles. Like muscle releases above, this aims to loosen and lengthen a muscle.  

– Mobilisations.  This is gently moving a joint in order to loosen it (if we think it is stiff).

– Exercise!  The most important part.  You may get any number of different types of exercises.  We may teach you how to release your muscles yourself using balls and rollers.  We may teach you how to stretch your muscles, and of course we may give you strengthening exercises.  Sometimes we might also think you need coordination based exercises to make sure the right muscles turn on at the right time…this is imperative to keep your body in the right position and functioning at its best.  You may even get posture exercises or cues…. these are all day exercise’s’, more like a change in lifestyle which aim to help you align your body better and keep it there.  You wouldn’t believe what a difference this can make!

– Advice on lifestyleAdvice on exercise, dietfluids, etc.

– Advice on return to sport: when to do it and how to ease your way back in.

– Refer on!  Sometimes we may feel someone else can help you as well and in this case we have a large network of people including doctors, specialists, personal trainers, nutritionists…. (you get the point!), that we will refer you on to if we think they can help you.

If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to either call us or email us at