We have a special interest in runners here at The Physiotherapy Clinic.  We know if you love to run just how important it is to keep you doing just that (and how annoying it is if you can’t!).

We will look at your whole body; make sure we know how each part is moving.  Why?  Because it is all connected!   You would be surprised how much tightness at your ribs or even your shoulder can affect your running technique…. and of course if your technique is off then you can start to overload different body parts (and we know what happens to body parts that get overloaded…yes that’s right they hurt!).

We will often get you to film yourself running (wherever it is that you normally run) and also look at you running right here in the clinic on our treadmill.  Depending on what the problem maybe we may do hand’s on treatment (like muscle releases), give exercises (stretching/strengthening), give you advice on how to change your technique and of course advice on how to pace your way back into running again.  

If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to either call us or email us at