The core!  What an important group of muscles it is.  Some people over use it (yes you can do that!) …. And some people under use it.  Of course, like everything in life you need to get the balance just right to have the best body you possibly can.

Every muscle in the body is important, just like every one of your core muscles is important.  Not only do you need strength, but you need coordination.  Yes, that’s right, coordination.  You need them working in the right order; almost like a symphony they need to work together in order to get your body functioning well, performing at its best.  

What muscles are we talking about then?  More than you think!  We have the Diaphragm (breathing muscle), the Pelvic Floor, Transversus Abdomens (AKA: TA), External Oblique, Internal Oblique, Rectus Abdominus and Multifidus (deep back muscle).  Some you can see from the outside of your body, others you can’t!  

How can we tell if these are working?  We are lucky enough to have a Real Time Ultrasound….an ultrasound that allows us (and you!) to see the deeper muscles like TA and Pelvic Floor; and once you can see them it gets a lot easier to learn how to use them!  Once you have the hang of it we add more muscles in to the mix until you eventually can use all of them well and in the right order.  Only then is your body going to function at its best and keep you free from injury!