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Birth Preparation Course 

Give them options. 

We have treated pregnant women for years. We then saw their postpartum bodies and heard their birth stories. They often asked “why didn’t someone tell me this, or tell me that.  If I’d have known I would have made different choices and then wouldn’t be living with the problems I have today”.

So we decided to help them understand their options so that they can make the right decision for them.  We are pro -choice.  We ourselves, are of course Switzerland. 

Born Ready, doesn’t just prepare a woman’s mind for birth, it prepares their body too.   Preparing your body for birth we believe is pivotal, since it is one of the most physical acts that a body will do in its lifetime.


This course is for anyone wanting to help the pregnant women they see to have choices, prepare their bodies better and ultimately birth better (whatever "better" means for them).   We strongly believe that this helps prevent birth trauma - both physical, emotional and mental.  And this is what we are all about.  Note: it is preparing both the body and mind that creates these outcomes, not just the body on it's own. 


  • Understand the anatomy related to labour

  • Understand the stages of labour

  • Understand the cardinal movement’s of a baby. This is the sequence of movements the baby has to complete in order to get through the pelvis and be born. 

  • Understand the different starting positions of babies and the research behind whether this is relevant. 

  • Understand the research behind what is an optimal pelvic floor for birth.

  • What we do clinically to optimise a woman’s pelvis and body externally and how this may impact the pelvic floor internally. This includes what cuing we use and what manual therapy we use.

  • What we do clinically to optimise a woman’s pelvic floor internally. What measures we take. What treatment we use, including pelvic floor releases and perineal massage.  Learn to be able to help them manage pain whilst doing these releases.

  • How to teach a woman to push well (as we know there is emerging research behind paradoxical Puborectalis being a factor associated with poorer birth outcomes).

  • What advice we give in terms of general exercise, pelvic floor exercise and posture in order to ensure these women have an efficient birth and therefore reduce the risk of birth trauma

  • Learn a variety of exercises that that helps to balance and create space in a pregnant woman’s body. 

  • Understand the hormones behind labour. How they create labour, birth, breastfeeding and bonding.

  • Understand how to explain that labour is painful

  • Understand how to explain what contractions are

  • Understand what the contractions can tell you about the labour. 

  • Understand the latest research behind intervention such as the casacde of interventions, induction, epidural, instruments, and CB.  

  • Understand all the different birth positions, and how to manipulate them. 

  • Understand the pain management strategies that are available - TENS, massage, acupressure, heat, water, morphine, gas, epidural.

  • Learn how to teach birth skills (distraction techniques)

  • Help understand the decisions that have to go into the creation of a birth plan. 

  • Be able to decode a woman’s previous birth story. It is imperative to be a able to figure out why what happened happened so that they can improve on it the next time.


This will be recorded live every year.  Last recording was May 2023. 

We will now sell the recording until the following year.  To purchase the recording please use the links below. 


  • Friday September 29th at :  10:00am- 12.00pm at Woolooware

Post course Q + A

  • Friday June 23rd 2023: 8:00am - 9:00am on zoom 

  • Wednesday October 11th 2023: 11:00am - 12:00pm on zoom 

Please note:  

  • There will be an internal practical component to this course for those attending the face to face practical. . 

  • All videos on practical assessment are provided for those who do not wish to attend the practical face to face.    


  • Members - $350.00 + GST

  • Non-members - $450.00 + GST

The cost of the course includes the practical and post course Q+A.  Note: just choose any date to book. 

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact

NOTE: Once you have booked in for the theory you will be sent a link to book in for the practical and Q+A session in your booking confirmation.



You will receive a full refund if you cancel 1 week prior to the workshop. If you cancel 6 days – 72 hours prior to the workshop start time you are entitled to a refund of 50% of the workshop cost. If you cancel within 72 hours of the workshop start time, we will be unable to provide a refund.

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