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Birth Preparation 

Our mission is to never hear "I wish I'd have known" again. 

We have treated pregnant women for years. We then saw their postpartum bodies and heard their birth stories. They often asked “why didn’t someone tell me this, or tell me that.   If I’d have known I would have made different choices and then wouldn’t be living with the problems I have today”.

So we decided to give them these options.

Born Ready, our birth course, doesn’t just prepare a woman’s mind for birth, it prepares their body too which we think may be part of what is missing.   Preparing your body for birth we believe is pivotal, since it is one of the most physical acts that a body will do in its lifetime.

We also believe that we as women’s health physiotherapists are extremely well placed to do both. This can be done in one on one consultations. It can be done by running a birth course like we do. At our clinic, we do both.
The reason we are so passionate about it, is because we strongly believe the more women we help to birth better, then it is very likely that we will see an improvement in women’s post-partum bodies moving forward as well.
This course will absolutely have evidence behind it. But there will be parts that are not evidence based per se. These are things that we have been doing in our clinic for years, which we believe to work. So expect a mixture of both evidence based practice and clinical based practice.

Prepare their body and their mind. 


  • Understand the anatomy related to labour

  • Understand the stages of labour

  • Understand the cardinal movement’s of a baby. This is the sequence of movements the baby has to complete in order to get through the pelvis and be born. 

  • Understand the different starting positions of babies and the research behind whether this is relevant. 

  • Understand the research behind what is an optimal pelvic floor for birth. 

  • What we do clinically to optimise a woman’s pelvis and body externally to create space before birth. This includes what cuing we use and what manual therapy we use.

  • What we do clinically to optimise a woman’s pelvic floor internally. What measures we take. What treatment we use, including pelvic floor releases. Learn to be able to help them manage pain whilst doing these releases.

  • How to teach a woman to push well

  • What advice we give in terms of general exercise, pelvic floor exercise and posture in order to ensure these women have an efficient birth and therefore reduce the risk of birth trauma

  • Learn a variety of exercises that that helps to balance and create space in a pregnant woman’s body. This we think will help to reduce resistance at the exit of the baby as it descends and create a smooth birth.  It also just helps their body to move more efficiently in pregnancy and remain pain free. 

  • Understand the hormones behind labour. How they create labour, birth, breastfeeding and bonding.

  • Understand how the hormones and the cardinal movements work together to create birth - know the “perfect process”. Once you understand this you can understand how and why assistance can change the process.

  • Understand how to explain that labour is painful

  • Understand how to explain what contractions are

  • Understand what the contractions can tell you about the labour. How to pick if a a labour pattern is progressing or stalling and what to do about it - i.e. do they need to change position or do they need to manage their mind (and therefore the hormones) by staying calm.

  • Understand the sequence of intervention such as induction, epidural, instruments, caesar. Be able to explain and understand how this all relates to the hormones and the cardinal movement of the baby. This is pivotal information to allow a woman to create a birth plan.

  • Understand all the different birth positions, and how to manipulate them. 

  • Understand the pain management strategies that are available - TENS, massage, acupressure, heat, water, morphine, gas, epidural.

  • Learn how to teach birth skills (distraction techniques)

  • Assist in the creation of a birth plan for each individual woman

  • Be able to decode a woman’s previous birth story. It is imperative to be a able to figure out why what happened happened so that they can improve on it the next time.


Time: 8am-12.30/1pm pm Friday 27th May 2022.   Theory content will be presented via zoom.  You will then get access to videos on assessment and treatment.  


Practical will be 2 hours face to face, performed in small groups.  If you cannot attend, that is fine, all the practical components have been recorded and you will get access to these. 

Here are the options:

  • Friday 3rd June at 8-10 at Woolooware.  

  • Friday 16th June at 7am-9am Woolooware.  

  • Wednesday the 29th of June from 2-4pm in Bondi Junction. 

If these do not work, we will do our best to accommodate you all, particularly those outside of Sydney.

**Note:  There will be an internal practical component to this course.  

The cost below will depend on whether you are a Member or not. 

Discounts are applied if you are not attending the Face to Face Practical as well. 

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact tamara@physiotherapyclinic.com.au