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Diastasis and the Abdominal Wall 

Understand the abdominal wall

Diastasis of the rectus abdominus (DRAM) has hit the spotlight in recent years. There has been an explosion of research. There has also been an explosion of people trying to treat it, not only in clinics, but in gyms, in Pilates studios and even on social media.

What we have realised over the years is that in order to treat diastasis well, you need to understand what an optimal abdominal wall should be.  So expect to learn about all things abdominal wall and how to make them as optimal as possible. 

Perfect for those of all levels of experience, including those having just completed APA Level 1 and would like more information. 


  • A summary of the latest research surrounding diastasis in women

  • Detailed abdominal wall and linea alba anatomy review, including fascial connections

  • How to asses a diastasis and how to assess abdominal wall function using both finger palpation

    and real time ultrasound.  This includes measuring IRD, rating the depth, tension and LA integrity. 

  • How to assess all muscles of the abdominal wall, not just TA. This includes assessing the infrasternal angle and understanding its relevance.

  • Manual therapy techniques including release of external oblique, diaphragm and any muscles required in the thorax. 

  • How to create an exercise program to treat not just diastasis but abdominal wall dysfunction, this can be helpful for all of your patients, not just diastasis patients. 

  • How to know when exercise won’t help and a surgical review is required.

  • Our thoughts on how you may be able to prevent a diastasis in the first place in pregnancy. 


  • Will be provided via online pre-recoded modules. 

  • This will include access to videos outline all of the practical elements to the course. 


Practical/ hands on Face to face Workshops

  • Will be provided for those who wish.  This will cost $220 for an hour and will include all manual therapy skills and also RTUS assessment skills.  This can be done one on one OR as a group.  If you have a group of 2-4 then we will increase the workshop to 2 hours for $440 for the whole group.   If you are interested in this please email

  • $150 plus GST ($165 including GST)


Just choose any date to purchase. 


Was there any part that you particularly enjoyed?


  • "All aspects were great, good interaction between participants for the research areas"

  • "Looking at the images and each others stomachs to assess gripping patterns"

  • "Prac session and exercise! So great to see a course with the emphasis on what we can learn to take to our own patients. Not all theory/studies etc."

Was there anything that challenged your current thinking? 


  • "Didn’t think about the prevention prior to this - thought you couldn’t do much but this makes sense "

  • "That the diastasis needs tensioning to adapt - so obvious in hind sight!

  • "Exercise prescription - after the Hodges/Lee article I was afraid to give isolated TA postpartum"

Will what you learnt today enhance your practice? 

  • "Give me a way to better explain this to patients as well as give more directed and specific treatment"

  • "Rib angle is not something I had previously considered"

  • "A great deal, much more confident with assessment and use of ultrasound"

  • "I will actually assess the abdominal wall properly now"

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