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Diastasis and the Abdominal Wall

Diastasis of the rectus abdominus (DRAM) has hit the spotlight in recent years. There has been an explosion of research. There has also been an explosion of people trying to treat it, not only in clinics, but in gyms, in Pilates studios and even on social media.

We created this course because we too wanted to learn all there is to know, so that we can provide the best level of care to our patients.

Here are the key points of what you will learn

  • A summary of the latest research surrounding diastasis in women

  • Detailed abdominal wall and linea alba anatomy review, including fascial connections

  • How to asses a diastasis and how to assess abdominal wall function using both finger palpation

    and real time ultrasound

  • How to create an exercise program to treat not just diastasis but abdominal wall dysfunction,

    using your own clinical reasoning

  • How to know when exercise won’t help and a surgical review is required

  • Our thoughts on how you may be able to prevent a diastasis in the first place



Time: 8am-5pm

Friday 25th March 2022 – 904/3 Waverley Street Bondi Junction 2022
Cost: $450 including GST. Course cost includes course notes, morning tea and tea and coffee throughout the day.

To book, click below and scroll through the cliniko calendar to the 25th March 2022.