Giselle Rodrigues

Giselle Rodrigues

Women's Health and Musculoskeletal Physio. I work in Cammeray.

My Story

I grew up in the bustling city of Mumbai. After working in a large hospital for a few years, looking for some adventure, I moved to Vancouver to pursue a Master of Science in Rehabilitation. I loved it there but the bleak Canadian Winters left me cold.  Searching for warmer climes, I was led Down-under where I fell in love with Sydney and the Australian way of life.

After dabbling in a new career as a medical writer for a few months I decided to return to my first love and undertook the APC accreditation pathway for overseas trained physiotherapists.

I joined the Mater Hospital North Sydney as a Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapist and over the years, I worked in all areas of the hospital. Maternity Physio was especially rewarding for me on a personal level. I could relate to the challenges of my own pregnancy and the time after my son was born when, despite being a fitness junkie prior to pregnancy, it was harder than I expected to recover my strength and fitness.  I loved that I could use my physiotherapy knowledge and skills to help women through this transformative and sometimes physically demanding phase of their lives.

I signed up for a course in women’s health physiotherapy and by the end of that intense period of study, I knew that I had found my calling and that this was going to be the focus of my career.

I was looking for mentorship programs when I came across the program offered by The Physiotherapy Clinic.  One phone call from Jo and the rest is history. I love working here because the people are great - extremely talented and knowledgeable, and the practice is committed to supporting the staff with learning and advancement opportunities to ensure our clients are provided with high level evidence-based physiotherapy services.

What makes me different:

I am passionate about women’s health and am committed to giving all my patients the best possible care and outcomes. In my years of experience working in hospitals with patients of all ages and backgrounds with a wide range of co-morbidities I have learnt that all parts of the human body are inter-connected and that the changes our bodies experience over our lifetime need to be treated thoughtfully and holistically.

What I have learnt:

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy  

  • Master of Rehabilitation Sciences (Research) 

  • APP1 Matwork Level 1 

  • Introduction to Women’s Health WHAT 2019 

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain by Angela James 

  • Coccyx Pain by Angela James 

Fun fact:

I can do a 5-minute yoga head stand. I have set myself the challenge of learning to do a handstand next.