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Hailey Knight (nee Welch)

Hailey Knight (nee Welch)

I work in sunny Byron Bay!

My Story :

Despite my accent I am actually a Queenslander! I was born on the Gold Coast but left there at a young age to live in Scotland. Everything I remember about growing up involves being in Scotland so I consider myself a Scot at heart.  I spent my whole childhood playing sport, practicing field hockey skills, and pushing my physical fitness. My love of sport definitely kept me out of trouble! Once I started to learn the Sciences at school I became fascinated with human biology and physiology, and this led me to study Physiotherapy at University in Glasgow.  A lot of physiotherapy students are guided towards the profession due to their own experience of injury, but I was never injured. I knew from the start that I wanted to be a Sports Physiotherapist.

When I’m not at work I am the mother to two beautiful young girls.  I love hanging out with my family, being active and eating good food. These days I like to relax by experimenting with new recipes, reading non-fiction books or listening to podcasts; all within the realm of health and wellbeing.

What makes me different:

I have over 18 years of experience as a Physiotherapist and I have worked alongside (and been mentored by) some great Physiotherapists and Sports Doctors. I specialised in Sports Physiotheraypy in 2004, initially working with contact sports and orthopaedic rehabilitation. For 5 years I worked with athletes from two professional Sydney based rugby league teams.  I loved the excitement of game day and the pressure to return players quickly to match fitness. As my attention changed more towards injury prevention I undertook an extensive mat work Pilates accreditation program with PITC. My focus in recent years has shifted towards overuse injuries and I am passionate about running based injuries, maximising physical performance and injury prevention. I love teaching everyone about the importance of good postural habits.

When I joined The Physiotherapy Clinic in 2007 I had started to become channeled towards treating lower back, hip and pelvic pain, and at times, didn’t look far past this area. Since training in the Integrated Systems Model over 5 years ago (under the guidance of a pioneering Canadian Physiotherapist called LJ Lee) it has opened my eyes to using a whole-body approach to assessment and treatment. The model shows you how, for example, a problem in the neck might be causing foot pain, or how poor thorax control may be implicated in turning off the core muscles. I now use a global screening of alignment, mobility and strength for all injury assessments and have a strong focus on hands on treatment techniques.  I love working with motivated people, helping them achieve their performance goals through exercise rehabilitation, lifestyle changes and mindset.

I myself have suffered from chronic gastrointestinal ill health and musculoskeletal injury and I understand how suboptimal wellness can impact every facet of life.  Because of this, I have an understanding approach in helping you recover from your own complex journey out of ill health to achieve your physical goals.

What I have learnt:

  • BSc (Hons) Health Science, Glasgow Caledonian University 1998

  • Post grad:  MSc (Sport) Physiotherapy, Sydney University 2004


  • Running Biomechanics: Trish Wisby Roth

  • Muscle Energy Treatment of the Lumbar spine and Pelvis Level 1 and 2: Barbara Hungerford

  • Muscle Energy Techniques for the Cervical Spine and Thoracic Cage: Barbara Hungerford

  • Dry Needling Plus Level 1: Andrew Hutton

  • The Discovery Series Level – level1-4: LJ Lee (The Integrated Systems Model)

  • Dynamic stabilisation of the hip and pelvis: Alison Grimaldi

  • The Dynamic Pelvis: Steve Saunders

  • Pilates Instructors Mat Accreditation Program  (Part of the Certificate IV in Pilates Instruction) PITC

  • The Cervical Spine and Whiplash Workshop: WHO

  • Dry Needling for Myofascial Pain

  • Sports Physiotherapy Level 1 + 2: Sports Physiotherapy Association

  • Brian Mulligans Concepts

  • Biomechanics and Running Retraining – Level 1 and 2 – Dr Christian Barton

  • Best Practice Guide to Conservative Management of Patellofemoral Pain – Dr Christian Barton

  • The Sports Thorax – Thoracic Ring Approach – Dr L.J. Lee


  • A Practical Guide to Nutrition for Allied Health Professionals – The Integrated Health Academy – Level 1

  • Visceral Manipulation – Level 1

Team Work:

  • Sydney Roosters NRL Club for 5years

  • Senior Women’s NSW Netball

  • Junior Women’s NSW Hockey

  • Representative NSW Rugby League Selection Teams

  • Junior Australian Women’s Basketball

  • Randwick and North Sydney Club Rugby Union Teams

  • British Universities Women’s Hockey Team

A Fun Fact:

I am going to try and learn to surf this summer…. it could be a disaster!

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