Jemma McGeachie

Jemma McGeachie

Women's Health and Musckuloskeletal Physiotherapist.

I work in Cammeray.

My Story:

It was ballet, ballet and more ballet training growing up on the Central Coast. This led me to see many great physiotherapists who helped keep me on my toes and when the dream fell over this is what inspired me to become a Physio!

Since graduating I have worked with many clinics, both here in Sydney and in London as well as the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick. It was here that a passion for helping women became my focus.

I now balance work with mothering my three gorgeous boys, Pilates, running and attempting to surf – trying to keep up with my boys!

What makes me different:

I have always had an interest in low back pain, pelvic pain and specifically how exercise and prescriptive strength training can help.

I love preventative medicine allowing people to live their best lives and achieve exactly what they want to achieve.

Since having my boys, I have a new appreciation for the pelvis and its amazing ability to do what it does!

I enjoy helping women navigate through the ages, whether that be before or after having a baby , post-surgery or in the menopausal years. Empowering them with education and motivation.

What I have learnt:

Women’s Health and Continence:

  • WHAT Introductory 5 day course- Taryn Hallam

  • Advanced course in Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Taryn Hallam

  • Advanced Pelvic Skills Workshop – Prof Hans Peter Deitz

  • Advanced objective testing course- Taryn Hallam

  • Electrical stimulation for pelvic health

  • Chronic pelvic pain and perineal update- Thierry Vancaille

  • Maternity ward physiotherapy- Taryn Hallam

  • The treatment of lymphoedema- Michael Mason

  • Post-partum health for mums- Dr Linda-Joy Lee


  • Foot and ankle in dance- Susan Mayes

  • Exercise retraining for lumbo-pelvic stability and functional recovery – Dr Barbara Hungerford

  • Dance rehabilitation workshop – Ken Crichton

  • Clinical Pilates level 1 and level 2

  • The sporting hip and pelvis- Dr Linda-Joy Lee

Fun Fact:

I left school at 15 to study ballet.