Kat Suchet

Kat Suchet

Womens Health and Musculoskeletal at Bondi Junction 

My Story:

I’m a British Physio who grew up in London. I studied at The University of London and quickly went on to complete my junior years at St George’s Teaching Hospital. I specialised in neuromusculoskeletal paediatrics for many years. I’ve always been very sporty - I danced from age 4, am a keen skier and mountaineer, I've done my time on the triathlon scene, and for the last 7 years I’ve been a competitive CrossFit athlete. I have also coached at a number of CrossFit gyms in both London and Sydney and have my personal training qualifications. 

In 2018 my partner and I relocated to Sydney Australia and I was pregnant with my son Ralph shortly after. Pregnancy hit me like a brick wall. As someone who had been physically capable beforehand I found it a big challenge and began to study under womens health physios and document my experiences. This soon exploded into a business in its own right, combining my experience as a physio and my knowledge about high level functional fitness to provide athletic women with much needed resources, advice and training programs in the pre and postnatal period. The business is still going from strength to strength but now it’s time to begin specialising in womens health in more depth. 

I’m excited about the opportunity to work with female athletes and women from all walks of life in their own life stages, and am passionate about helping them reach their goals. I’m thrilled to be offered the opportunity to professionally grow and develop at The Physiotherapy Clinic.

What makes me different.

I’m easy going, down to earth and have a special interest in athletic pregnancy and postpartum.

What I’ve Learnt:

University of London 2008-2011

Diastasis Recti and The Abdominal Wall – The Physiotherapy Clinic

APA Introductory Women’s Health Physiotherapy

APA Women’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapy Level 1

APA Women’s Health Through the Life Stages Level 1

Helen Keeble: The Functional Female Pelvic Floor for health and exercise professionals

Fun Fact:

I have spent multiple ski seasons living and working in France and have climbed several large peaks including Kilimanjaro, Mt Blanc and Mt Mera (6,476m) in Everest-country in the Himalayas.