Kate Goswell

Kate Goswell

Women's and Men's Health and Musckuloskeletal Physiotherapist.

I work in Cammeray.

My Story:

I was born in Canada but my family moved back to New Zealand before my first birthday. I grew up in Auckland where I spent most of my childhood and adolescents in the gym. 

I was an elite level gymnast (artistic) training up to 30 hours a week. I competed at the 2002 commonwealth games, placing 4th team and 18th overall and the 2003 world championships in Anaheim USA. After the world championships I suffered from stress fractures in my lumbar spine eventually ending my career the following year. It was this injury that tweaked my interest in physiotherapy and the many sport doctors and specialist I saw really solidified my love for anatomy and rehabilitation.

I studied physiotherapy at AUT in Auckland after winning a full scholarship for my tuition. I graduated AUT in 2009 winning the ‘top of clinical placement’ award. I started working in Auckland for a prominent physio practice. After a couple of years working I did the big “OE” where I backpacked around the world for the full year. I moved to Sydney after this in 2013 working for a sports physiotherapy clinic in the city. I had the privilege of working under prominent men’s physio Stuart Baptist and where my love for pelvic floor physiotherapy started.

I have since completed many courses in men’s and women’s health and love the satisfaction of helping patients with often complex histories and conditions.

I am married to Richard and we have two beautiful children together, Thomas and Sophie.

Fun fact :

I can still do the splits, with a push and a few wines.