Kate Leslie

Kate Leslie

Women's Health and Musckuloskeletal Physiotherapist.

I work in Cammeray.

Currently on Materity Leave.  Kate will return sometime in 2022. 

My Story:

Unlike most of the country kids at The Physiotherapy Clinic, I grew up in Sydney. Most of my spare time as a kid was spent at the beach, and so I have settled near the beach with my husband and three beautiful children.

My journey to Physiotherapy started the day I picked up a tennis racquet at the age of 3. From there I played tennis at a state level, whilst dabbling in gymnastics, netball, and hockey when I had some spare time. Unfortunately my poor genetics caught up with me and I spent more time at the Physiotherapist and Sports doctors than on the court. I was always so grateful that the Physio’s were able to get me back to doing what I loved most. I knew then that it was something I wanted to do. What I particularly loved was how the body moved and how it could be trained to do something specific.

These days I keep fit running around after young 3 children, and keep my sanity by going to the gym, trying to surf and hopefully I will get back on my bike soon!

What makes me different:

I started out in Sport Science with a love of biomechanics and all things movement. This has created my keen eye for movement and also a strong exercise focus. As a result most of my career to date has been in sports. I have been very lucky to work with many amazing elite Athletes, Sports Physio’s, and Sports Physicians across a large variety of sports.

I have a particular interest in treating pelvic girdle pain and hip pain, although over the years I have realised that you cannot treat one part of the body without considering the whole body. In fact, after having my second child I decided that I wanted/needed to know more about women’s health, the pelvic floor and it’s effect on the rest of the body.

So expect when you come to see me for me to consider your whole body, to take a close look at how you move, and of course for me to try and retrain you to move in a better, more efficient way.

What I have learnt:

  • Bachelor Applied Science Exercise and Sports Science University of Sydney 2000

  • Bachelor Applied Science Physiotherapy University of Sydney 2004


  • Introductory and Advanced Dry needling course- Paul Connelly

  • Level 1 Pilates- floor classes DMA

  • Lyn Watson level 1 shoulder

  • Barb Hungerford lumbo-pelvic muscle energy course level 1 and 2

  • Steve Saunders locomotion and lumbo-pelvic complex level 2

  • Discover Physio series (LJ Lee and Diane Lee)

  • Diana Lee pelvic and lumbar assessment and management

  • LJ lee sporting hip and pelvis

  • LJ lee level 1 thorax course

  • Dynamic Tape course

  • Tendinopathy Workshop Cricket Australia- Jill Cook

  • Shoulder and throwing Biomechanics workshop Cricket Australia- Rod Whitely

  • International Hip Symposium 2014

  • SPA conference 2009

  • NSWIS Sports medicine and Science Conference 2015

  • Centre of excellence for cricket Australia- Sports medicine and Sports science conference -2007 and 2010, 2012, 2014

Women’s Health and Continence:

  • WHAT Introductory 5 day course- Taryn Hallam

  • Advanced course in Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Taryn Hallam

  • Advanced Pelvic Skills Workshop – Prof Hans Peter Deitz

  • Pelvic organ prolapse & Gellhorn workshop with Taryn Hallam

  • Advanced lactating breast workshop with Melinda Cooper


  • Sports trainer level 1

  • Level 1 fitness leaders course 1999

Team Work:

  • Cricket NSW Women’s Program 10 years

  • Sydney Sixers WWBL -1 year

  • Cricket Australia Shooting Stars -2 years

  • Tennis Australia NSW Academy -2 years

  • Gymnastic NSW -10 years

  • NSW institute of Sport Rowing-3 years

Fun Fact:

I have been told I can talk under wet cement!