Lucy Howe

Lucy Howe

Practice Manager at Bondi Junction. 

My story:

I grew up in a beautiful Kyiv (Ukraine) in a very multicultural family - Russians, Ukrainians, Polish, Greeks, which enriched me with multilingual skills and love to a lot of delicious cuisines.

From a very young age,  all I wanted to do,  was to heal people, hence my passion towards midwifery and babies.

After delivering a few gorgeous babies, I decided to travel the world, so I joined a cruise ship company and travelled for 8 years around the world while working as a restaurant manager, and that's when I fell in love with a Australian man and met the love of my life.

After working in the hospitality industry , then tourism, I decided to come back to a health industry and completed a massage therapy course, I was once again healing people 🙂

Having two amazing sporty boys, my life  was filled with their busy schedules and lots of injuries, brought me to a Physiotherapy clinic. I started working as a receptionist at first but then moved up to the Practice Manager position.

I love meeting and greeting people and helping them to achieve their goals, seeing patient's smiles after our talented Physiotherapists have worked  their magic.

I have been a Practice Manager now for over 15 years and absolutely love my job. I joined the team here in Jan 2022.

In my spare time I love to cook a feast for my family and friends, travel and explore beautiful Australia with my partner.

Fun Facts:

I can speak 6 languages.

I was fortunate to work during 2000 Olympic Games as an interpreter for Russia, Ukraine and Japan.

One day I had to work for Russians and Japanese athletes at the same event, and I, by mistake,  spoke Japanese to one of the Russian athletes, I still remember his surprised face 🙂