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The Mentor Program



We love integrating our musculoskeletal knowledge and skills, with our Women’s health knowledge and skills, ultimately for the benefit of women.

Luckily for women, women’s health as a sub specialty of physiotherapy is becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, for physiotherapists wanting to establish a career in women’s health physiotherapy, there is not yet a clear, well established pathway. We have amazing courses available to us, giving us first class knowledge and some practical skills, but integrating this into the clinic is not always easy, especially without a mentor.

At The Physiotherapy Clinic (TPC) we have a very structured clinical education program to ensure our team gain the knowledge and skills needed to reach their potential and progress their career. Whilst we would love to employ everyone that is obviously not possible. This is why we have created the Mentor Program. The Mentor Program is available to give you practical skills, workshop case studies, take your knowledge to the next level, have a point of contact when you need clinical advice, and support to empower you to move forward in your women's health career.


Once you are a mentee, you will instantly become a Member for the length of your Mentor Program.   Through this you are invited to join us in our group inservices, face to face or online, to learn together and become a united front for excellence in women's health physiotherapy.   You will also have access to our member only page, where past inservices are stored for you to watch at your leisure!

To find out more about what is included in your Membership 

If you would like to enrol in the Mentor Program please read below and fill out the form. 


The mentor team members are Jo Murdoch, Tamara WoodsVictoria Watson and Eliza Bernardi

There will be a lot of thought put into which mentee goes with which mentor. This will be at the discretion of The Physiotherapy Clinic. We will take into account logistics and matching times that suite both mentee and mentor. In addition, learning styles and level of experience will be catered for. The mentor team have been working together for a long time and thus understand each other’s learning and teaching styles well.


We will need to know a bit about you and no doubt you will want to know a bit more about us. Therefore, first things first we will do an introductory phone call with one of the mentors to discuss what it is that you are looking for, what you are interested in learning and gauge what level you are currently at. You will also fill out an enrolment form. Then the mentor and mentee can decide on a program they both think will meet the mentees needs and be the best fit for them. 

Your mentor sessions include monthly face to face, 90 minute sessions with your mentor. Groups fo 3-4 will have 120 minute sessions. You will have email access to your mentor, a time will be negotiated between mentee and mentor with regards to answering your questions.

You can start these at any time throughout the year pending space in our mentors diaries. 


Remote Mentoring

Whilst this program was originally designed for sharing practical skills & knowledge face to face we have managed to successfully mentor physio's remotely, in Regional NSW, interstate and internationally. How we ensure its success will depend on the needs of the mentee. Please feel free to get in touch if becoming part of our program interests you and we can discuss how we can best help. 

Face to Face options to choose from: 



Option 1 –  12 months This is best for you if you are early in your women's health career and are only seeing a few women’s health patients. Joining with a colleague has proven to be a great idea, as the more minds, the more bodies to practice on the better!

COST: 1 person = $3500 +GST ,  2 people = $4100+GST,  3 people = $4700+GST, 4 people = $5300 + GST 



Option 2 – 9 months  This is best for you if you have done some women’s health training and are seeing a fair few patients already. You can also join with a friend or colleague to make it more cost effective. 

COST: 1 person = $29000 +GST   2 people = $3500+GST 

Option 3 – 6 months – This is best for you if you have done a number of women’s health courses, you're seeing plenty of women’s health patients and want to dig deeper into certain topics. This option is only available one to one. 

COST: $2000 +GST  



Option 4 – 2 hour Casual Sessions This is best for you if you are a women’s health physio and want to gain more knowledge and skills on a certain topic. 

COST: $440+GST

If you are interested please fill out the form below and send it to tamara@physiotherapyclinic.com.au

On Going Support Options Once Your Mentoring is Over


Join The Community.  

We’ve found some of our mentee’s, particularly those working on their own are looking for continued clinical support once the mentor program has been completed. We’d love to have you stay as part of the broader clinical team at The Physiotherapy Clinic – we all learn more when we are part of a team.

If this is something that interests you here are your options.

Continue as a Member.  This means you continue to enjoy all the benefits of your membership.



Ongoing Mentoring.  This could be Quarterly OR even on a casual basis.  If you continue on a quarterly basis then you will continue to be a Member.  

If you have any questions or would like to know more before you enroll send us an email.  

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