Transperineal and Transabdominal RTUS Workshop

This is a 3 hour workshop limited to 6 people per group. 

Practical skills you will gain from this workshop include:


  • Measure bladder volumes

  • Pelvic floor contraction - strength, endurance, functional ability (the knack).  Clinical tips on how to pick why it isn't moving. i.e: is it likely too high tone and weak or low tone and weak. 


  • How to set up and clean the ultrasound for transperineal use. 

  • How to visualise the bladder, uterus and bowels. 

  • How to see a PF contraction.  

  • Visualise urethral hyper mobility

  • Impact of a PFC (the knack) on the bladder/urethra

  • Bear down manoeuvre/paradoxical contraction.  This is helpful for both defecation dynamics and also for birth preparation. 

  • How you can assess pre and post pessary placement - the effect of pessary on organ position. 

  • How to image the EAS (external anal sphincter) 

NOTE:  There will be a pre-recording that you will be sent two weeks before the workshop date. This has general background knowledge that is essential to watch to get the most out of the day. The main aim of the day is to work on your practical application of real time ultrasound in your pelvic health population.


Please note, we will require you to be “patients” on the day, so please com prepared. If this is an issue please let us know in advance.

Current available dates: 

Bondi Junction:  Friday July 29th at 2-5pm.

Cammeray:  Monday August 15th at 2-5pm


Member Price = $300

Non Member price = $350


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