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 Women's Health for Exercise Professionals

We've loved working with exercise professionals over the last 15 years. We’ve loved learning together and sharing knowledge. We believe Physiotherapy and Exercise is a powerful combination for women.


As women’s health physiotherapists and connect therapists we believe we have the knowledge and experience that can help you improve your outcomes with women.


Here is what you will learn: 

  • Physiological and hormonal differences of women through life stages 

  • Understanding the Female Athlete Triad 

  • Anatomy and function of pelvic floor and abdominal wall 

  • Understanding the unique issues women face such as pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary and faecal incontinence, & bladder and bowel urgency

  • Understanding issues of abdominal separation, poor motor control, no optimal muscle patterning and how this impacts the whole body 

  • Understanding pregnancy as a unique time for exercise, why it is important, why it needs to be modified and how 

  • Understanding the unique post partum period, how breastfeeding impacts a women’s body and how exercise should be modified during this period

  • What a physiotherapy assessment includes and interpreting the results. Understanding the rational behind physiotherapy intervention. 

  • Finally using case studies to demonstrate how the knowledge learnt can be put into practice 


Date : Sunday August 7th  

Time: 8am - 4pm 
Cost: $400 including GST. 


Location - Suite 904/3 Waverley Street Bondi Junction 2022.

To book, click below and scroll through the calendar to the date 1st May or Email info@physiotherapyclinic.com.au