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Connect Therapy

Connect Therapy ™ is an assessment and treatment framework that looks at your body as a whole. It a method that looks at how you move and function, with the aim of optimising movement to help you achieve your goals.  


Connect Therapy ™ includes the Thoracic Ring Approach ™ and was developed by Dr LJ Lee.   

At The Physiotherapy Clinic in the Shire (Woolooware), Bondi Junction and Cammeray we use Connect Therapy™ everyday as part of the assessment and treatment of our patients. 


What does it involve?   

  • It involves us taking a full and thorough history to determine what areas of your body may be influencing your symptoms. We want to find out lots of detail, we even want to know about your old ankle sprain, it may be important.   


  • It involves an assessment of your whole body. We want to see how each part of your body moves and how interacts with other areas. We will look at specific movements as well as functional movement, such as a squat or single leg stance or arm lift.   

  • It involves manually correcting parts of your body to see how they can affect other areas. For example you might have right hip pain when you squat, but when we correct your right foot the pain may improve.   


  • A common analogy we use is taking your car to have the tyres changed. Your tyres may be worn out, but it might be due to the wheel alignment. To allow your tyres to last longer, you need to fix the wheel alignment.   

  • In this case your hip pain is like the tyres, we can keep treating and helping the hip to give temporary relief. However, if we can improve your foot and allow your hip to move more optimally, you will have longer lasting effects.   


Our aim is to find what area of your body is having the most important influence on your symptoms. This is known as ‘Finding the Driver’.   

Your driver could be any part of your body, it could be your ankle (due to your old ankle sprain), it could be your thorax (because you sit slouched all day), it could be your pelvis, it could be your neck or jaw. That’s what we aim to find out.   


Finding the driver allows us to tailor your treatment and rehab specifically to you, to allow you to move more optimally.   


People of the Shire (Woolooware), Bondi Junction and Cammeray - Let’s FIND YOUR DRIVER!  

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