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Kids Continence

Yes, we can help! Most people know that Physio’s can help adults regain their continence......but many don’t know that we can help kids with continence issues as well! These issues can be either in the day time, at night time or both.


Did you know that most children achieve “dry” days around the age of 3 years... but some don’t, and will go on to be wet in the day for many years after that? Children often gain control by 5 years of age, however, almost 1 in 10 children in Australia aged 6-7 years will still wet the bed. So, you and your child are not alone! Bed wetting is much more common than most people realise.



 What can we treat:


  • ​Bed Wetting (nocturnal enuresis)

  • Daytime wetting & Urinary urgency

  • Constipation

  • Faecal incontinence or soiling


How can we help:

We do a thorough assessment to understand all the contributing factors to your childs issue.


Assessment may include:

  • Full body assessment to determine any musculoskeletal factors that may be contributing

  • Real-time ultrasound to look at:

    • Bladder volumes

    • Pelvic floor function

    • Rectum (to check for constipation)

  • Bladder and bowel diaries


Based of the results of these assessment, treatment may include:

  • Education to both you & your child about our findings

  • Drinking and toileting plans

  • Pelvic floor muscle re-training

  • Management of constipation/improving defaecation muscle dynamics

  • Alarm programmes for bedwetting

  • Liaising with your children’s schools or kindergartens



Above all, we try our best to make this a fun process for your child. We know getting them on board is the best way to get results!

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