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Menopause and Physiotherapy -
When and why we can help

Menopause is the time where our reproductive hormone cycle ceases. You are technically post-menopause 12 months after your last period. In the time leading up to this (peri-menopause) oestrogen and progesterone production slowly reduces. Typically, women go from experiencing regular monthly menstruation to more frequent heavy bleeding to infrequent light bleeding and eventually no menstruation.  

This drop in oestrogen and progesterone levels has a significant effect on our reproductive system, as well as our musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system and our cognition including;  

  • Reduced muscle strength 

  • Reduced muscle mass 

  • Reduced bone mineral density 

  • Increase in atherosclerosis/reduced vascular health  

  • Dryness in mucosal tissue particularly the vagina; this may lead to pain in the perineum, painful intercourse, increase in symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse, reduced continence 

  • Reduced memory and cognition  

How does physiotherapy help for menopause? 

Our women's health physios in the Shire (Woolooware), Bondi Junction and Cammeray can provide a thorough assessment and prescribe appropriate exercise for you which can improve muscle mass, bone mineral density, cardiovascular health, balance (which reduces falls risk), mood and cognitive function. 

Our women's health physios in the Shire (Woolooware), Bondi Junction and Cammeray can help with these things as well as: 

  • Identify risk of prolapse which may be exacerbated by exercise 

  • Improve pelvic floor function which may be associated with painful intercourse, urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse 

  • Assess the whole body to identify other areas which may be placing increased pressure on the pelvic organs contributing to incontinence or prolapse, particularly the abdominal wall 

We strongly recommend that every menopausal woman have a women's health physio assessment with us in the Shire (Woolooware), Bondi Junction or Cammeray before starting any new form of exercise because we want to keep you exercising appropriately and safely long term.  

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