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Kids Incontinence

Parents of the Shire (Woolooware) are your kids still wetting??

Did you know that children will generally gain daytime control of their bladder by age 4?  If your child is regularly wetting during the day after 5 years of age, a review by our kids continence physio in the Shire (Woolooware) or Cammeray is recommended.  

Common symptoms associated with daytime wetting:  

  • Stress urinary incontinence - leaking urine with laughing, sneezing, coughing or when playing sport.  

  • Urinary urgency – does your child get a sudden urge to pass urine? And struggle to hold on?  

  • Urinary frequency – is your child having to go to the toilet frequently? And often leaving class to pass urine? Normally children should wee approximately 4-7 times per day (or every 2-3hours).  

  • Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs)  

  • Voiding dysfunction or incomplete emptying of their bladder  

Why does your child have daytime wetting?  

  • Generally daytime wetting occurs because your childs bladder isn’t working properly. This can be due to several factors:  

  • Overactive bladder  

  • Underactive bladder & bladder leakage – if your child holds on too long & has a habit of putting off going – they will wet when the bladder is overfilled.  

  • Incomplete bladder emptying  

  • Voiding dysfunction  


Other factors that contribute:  

  • Constipation  

  • Urinary tract infections  

  • Fear of using school or public toilets  

Our kids physio in the Shire (Woolooware) and Cammeray can help with daytime wetting!  

We do a thorough assessment to understand all the contributing factors to your childs issue. 

Assessment may include: 

  • Full body assessment to determine any musculoskeletal factors that may be contributing 

  • Real-time ultrasound to look at: 

  • Bladder volumes 

  • Pelvic floor function 

  • Rectum (to check for constipation) 

*we ultrasound via their lower abdomen only & don’t perform any internal assessments on children.  

  • Bladder and bowel diaries 


Based on the results of these assessment, treatment may include: 

  • Education to both you & your child about our findings 

  • Drinking and toileting plans 

  • Pelvic floor muscle re-training 

  • Management of constipation/improving defaecation muscle dynamics 

  • Alarm programmes for bedwetting 

  • Liaising with your children’s schools or kindergartens  


Daytime wetting occurs in around 10% of 5-6 year olds and can be very distressing for school aged children. The good news is they can get help! We have kids continence physiotherapists in both our Woolooware (Sutherland Shire) and Cammeray Clinics.

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