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Ally van Schalkwyk

Ally van Schalkwyk

Women's Health and Musculoskeletal at Cammeray 

My Story: 

I have been a Sydney girl my whole life, growing up on the Northern Beaches and now live in Cammeray with my husband and 3 children. I spent all of my school years sprinting and swimming, and my weekends either waterskiing or down at the beach. I love learning about the human body, and I love exercise, which led me to choose my studies in both Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy at Sydney Uni. This was followed by several years gaining a wide range of experience at different Sydney hospitals and private practices (along with a fair amount of travel squeezed in!). I have always been interested in women’s health.  My mum is a midwife, so maybe that sparked some interest! So the best part of the last 10 years has been spent treating women’s health and men’s health conditions. I feel incredibly lucky to say that I love every bit of my job. 

What makes me different:

Many people have told me that I should have been a teacher. But I think that a huge part of being a physio is imparting your knowledge (and to a receptive audience! Bonus!). I believe that if a patient fully understands what we are doing, and why, then treatment outcomes end up being so much better. 

I love working as part of a team, and having a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, utilising all the other wonderful professions where necessary to achieve the best treatment outcomes. 

Even though my focus is women’s and men’s health, the source of the problem may not necessarily lie within that area- I believe that everything in the body is interconnected and it needs to be treated as a whole. 

What I have learnt:

Masters of Physiotherapy

Masters of Exercise Physiology

Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sports Science)

Womens and Men’s Health

•Introductory Womens Health: Taryn Hallam, WHTA

•Advanced Pelvic Floor: Pelvic organ prolapse: Taryn Hallam, WHTA

•Advanced Pelvic Floor: Stress Urinary Incontinence: Taryn Hallam, WHTA

•Advanced Pelvic Floor: Pelvic Pain: Taryn Hallam, WHAT

•Advanced Pelvic Floor: Anorectal pelvic floor disorders

•The Pregnant Pelvis: Angela James

•Pelvic Skills workshop with Peter Deetz

•2019 Pelvic Floor Research Update


-DMA Clinical Pilates for Physiotherapists level 1

-DMA Clinical Pilates for Physiotherapists level 2

-Sports level one: APA

-Treatment of the pelvis and lumbar spine level one: Barb Hungerford

-Musculoskeletal segmental dry needling for physiotherapists: APA

-Plastering course RNSH: Trish Evans

-Essential Foot and Ankle: Matthew Stewart

-Paediatric Physiotherapy- Orthopaedic APA

-Paediatric Physiotherapy- Neurological. APA

Fun Fact: 

I have ridden an ostrich 

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