Amanda Ellison

Amanda Ellison

Director and Business Manager 

My Story: 

I grew up in Sydney’s south west in Chipping Norton (please don’t hold that against me!).  As a kid I LOVED to play all types of sport, but as I got older I stuck to my one true love… netball. Unfortunately my knees did not love netball as much as I did, so I spent a fair chunk of my time (and mum’s money!) at a sports physio…..and that is where the spark was ignited.

My first ever job was as a receptionist at my local Physio Clinic and this is where I truly fell in love with the health industry. I love meeting different people, seeing them through their journey and watching all the amazing results people get from Physio.

In fact I loved it so much I wanted to be a Physio myself!; however I settled for doing my massage diploma instead. I worked at a Chiropractic Clinic as a Massage Therapist for many years before deciding my body needed a break.

A few years later again I found another passion – Travel! I packed up and moved to London. This is where I worked in a very large Physiotherapy Clinic and became the Practice Manager. I learnt so much from my colleagues over there and really fell in love with that role. I also lived on baked beans and toast because I spent most of my money travelling through Europe.

So here I am…..I started as a Practice Manager at this very clinic upon my return from London in 2010.  When I started at the clinic I was more of a receptionist, but over the years my role has REALLY grown and so have I.  (I did have a sneaky year off though in 2014-2015 and lived in Whistler, Canada, where you guessed it…..I also worked as receptionist in yet another Physiotherapy Clinic!).

I never thought I would still be here 10 years later but I also underestimated just how much I would LOVE IT. This Clinic has the most unbelievable team, everyone has such passion for what they do and it is inspiring to be around. We have fantastic patients that I really enjoy chatting too and getting to know. I feel very fortunate to work in such a great place and I can honestly say I really do love my job!

A Fun Fact:  

I wore skate shoes under my year 12 formal dress (globes to be exact!)…..much to my mothers disappointment.


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