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The Business Mentor Program

The Business Mentor Program 

A 6 month program costing  $1760 inc GST.  


Includes 4 x 2hr sessions in person or via zoom. There is a suggested ouline below however this is very flexible and will depend on your needs and where you are at, we will discuss this before we begin your program. During the 6 month period you will also have phone and email access to ask questions when they arise.  


The purpose of this mentoring program is to share knowledge, experience and skills that we have gained over a 20 year period working within the health space. We will help you ensure you are getting set up and progressing forward as best we can throughout our six month journey. Our views and opinions of course will be bias as to what I have seen work for us in the past, however we will enter this mentoring relationship with an open mind and help you workshop and develop to suit you and your business needs.  


The Why? (Our favourite part) We have set this program up as we have been asked so many business questions over the years and we know just how hard it is to set up and run a small business. We have a lot of experience, some good and some bad but we have always learnt along the way. We know how hard running a small business can be and we want to help others thrive.  

The four sessions we will cover:

  1. Set up all things to consider and all things that are needed. 

  2. How to get started with marketing/networking    

  3. marketing/communication - how to use it

  4. The day today  

There are lots of extra things that can be brought in pending where you are at on your business journey. The program will be very idividualised and case specific. Please email us if you would like to chat about this any further. 

Meet your mentor - Amanda Ellison.