Jeremy Daniher

Jeremy Daniher

Musculoskeletal and Sports. Musculoskeletal Team Leader. I work in Bondi Junction.

My story:

I’m originally from country New South Wales; from a farm near West Wyalong (you might have to google it). Without the distractions of Westfield or the beach, I grew up playing lots of sport…often having to travel 200km to play a game!  I enjoy most sports; playing cricket, basketball, touch football, mixed netball….but my real love is AFL (which I have played since I was 9).  I was also pretty handy at school and was top of my class…. admittedly there was only 3 people in my year level!

It was this love of sport and my academic ability that led me to studying physiotherapy.

Since then I’ve spent time working in Wollongong and London and have ended up living in the big city of Sydney.  I have even managed to buy a unit in Randwick (which I’ll be paying off forever), where I currently live.  I still love my sport and play AFL for the UNSW – Eastern suburbs bulldogs.  I like to stay fit and healthy; I enjoy running, cycling and at times I hit the gym.

What makes me different:

I enjoy treating musculoskeletal (injuries/pain anywhere in the body) and sports injuries.  I especially enjoy helping people to keep exercising, keep running and keep playing sport…. because I know how frustrating it is to have to stop these things due to Injury.

I have a particular interest in running injuries and also in preventing them!  At the clinic we get runners on the treadmill and use video analysis to assess and retrain their technique, which they often find invaluable.

I also specialise in the assessment and treatment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ)…otherwise known as your jaw!

What I have learnt:

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy 2009 – Charles Sturt University Albury


  • Dynamic taping course

  • DNP: Integrated neuromyofascial dry needling programme. Andrew Hutton.

  • Advanced Manual Therapy Associates – Muscle Energy Technique: Treatment of the PELVIS & LUMBAR SPINE. Dr Barbara Hungerford

  • 3D treatment of the lumbar spine and pelvis Trish Wisby Roth

  • The Sports Thorax – Connect the whole body to optimise performance with the Thoracic Ring Approach. Dr. Linda-Joy Lee

  • The complete upper quadrant course. Australian specialist physiotherapy education.

  • Biomechanics and running retraining with Dr Christian Barton.

  • Assessment and treatment of patellofemoral pain with Dr Christian Barton

  • Diagnosis and Management of stress fractures

  • Biomechanics and running retraining level 2 with Dr Christian Barton

  • ConnectTherapy™ Series  2017 – Dr Linda-Joy Lee

  • Thoracic Skills Enhancement Workshop – Dr Linda-Joy Lee

A Fun Fact:

When I was in year 12 I spoke to my careers advisor as I wanted some guidance.  I told him that I’d like to study Physiotherapy.  He said to me “Mate…. it’s hard to get into physio, I don’t think you’ll be able to get in so maybe think of something else” – I proved him wrong!!